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What Are You Doing Two Saturdays During The Year?

St. Francis Table Needs You!

St. Francis Table was started in response to the fact that there was a need for food for the hungry on Saturday. While various churches offered food during the week, there was no food program running on Saturday.

Currently, St. Francis Table feeds 300 to over 500 people every Saturday. The only requirement for the people to be fed, is that they are hungry.


The Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

48 Martin Luther King Jr Drive, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303



We have six teams from St. John Vianney that take turns going to the Shrine the third Saturday of each month. It works out that each team will go twice during the year.

Are You Interested In Helping Feed The Hungry?
You can volunteer with one team or you can join several teams - it is your call.

When you join a team, the team leader will contact you with the meeting time at SJV, usually it is around 5:30AM. You will travel to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Atlanta. You will make sandwiches and make soup with donations that have been provided by local restaurants. The guests are invited in at 10AM. They each receive a meat and cheese sandwich, bowl, cup, spoon and napkin. After they are seated, the volunteers serve the soup from large pictures. Each person is fed until they have their fill. When they leave, they are handed a dessert. After each group leaves, the next group is let in. The kitchen stays open and serves soup and sandwiches until 12:00 noon when clean up begins. We help with clean up and then travel back to SJV. We usually arrive by 1:30PM.


Volunteers can be teen through adult!




Interested in signing up for a team?

Contact Sharon Loiselle to join a team:

Date Team Team Leader
7/16/2016 6 Zach Schlag
8/20/2016 1 Cesar Cardona
9/17/2016 2 Sharon Loiselle
10/15/2016 3 Joe Calderara
11/19/2016 4 Priscilla Mark-Wilson
12/17/2016 5 Lynn Stansbury
1/21/2017 6 Zach Schlag